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Google launch Google Science Fair!

I was asked to let you all know about the launch of Google Science Fair.

Before we go on, heres a small disclaimer. I’m getting paid to let you know about this, however its important that you understand that this is for the effort and time that i spend the post and not to automatically positive blog post.

If don’t like something thing I’ll tell you about it. Simple as that.

Ok - Google Science Fair! This is one of those things that i wish had be around when I was a kid (check out the vid after the bump)

I mean, i was a total science geek growing up, (well until I discovered ZX Spectrum’s anyway). I used to ask my Mom and Dad to buy me chemistry sets, help me grow crystals, and try (in futile) to build my own space going rocket!

I so would have rocked at Google Science Fair!

Google Science Fair is a world wide competition for kids aged between 13 and 18 to form teams (no more then 3 per team) and submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today.

Submit your science ideas buy the 4th April 2-011 and you could be one of the 15 lucky teams that get to visit Google HQ in California and go through a final presentation with teh potential of winning some amazing prizes!

First prize is joining an amazing 10 day trip to the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic Expeditions!

Second prize is a $50,000 scholorship at Google! See more prizes here

What an exciting competition! I’m a tad jealous that I’m just out of the age range for it!


Remembering Egypt

I’ve been back from Sharm El Sheik, Egypt for 3 weeks now. I did a lot of diving there and thought I’d share some videos that I had made. The first is a local site called Ras Katy (it means The Head of Katy). It was an amazingly chilled dive and was the first one I did in Sharm. The second is a dive on, arguably, the best wreck dive in the world. The Thistlegorm is supply ship that was sunk in WWII and is an unbelievable dive. Did two dives here, both amazing. On both these dives, done days apart, the water was 28c at 30m. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Enjoy!

Sharm El Sheik (Ras Katy) Diving Video from Chris Cathcart on Vimeo.

Diving the Thistlegorm wreck - Sharm El Sheik from Chris Cathcart on Vimeo.


#ShaveSexy with the King and Queen of Shave’s

I was fortunate enough to listen to Will King, founder of King of Shave’s, Speak at a recent Edinburgh based event. 

He covered how his battle with the BIIIG traditional shaving brands was a tough one and how he was taking the battle to a ground that he knows far more about than his competitors. The Social Sphere.

Will has been in marketing for ages and is easily an early adopter of using social marketing to further the growth of brand awareness and attract new customers.

His latest foray has been to use the very gorgeous Diane Wood in a well created, choreographed and filmed ad.

You know an ad is good when it creates natural buzz, and this ad has created a HEAP of buzz, mostly because YouTube have now restricted the add to over 18’s only - I mean, Come on!! Ok, its a #shavesexy ad - it’s supposed to be. But theres no way that it should only be viewable by over 18’s.

Have your call - watch the vid and Vote here


Your personalised Holiday Match Maker from Halifax

I was asked to look at, and review, the new Facebook App from the Halifax

Before we go on, heres a small disclaimer. I’m getting paid to review this app, however its important that you understand that this is for the effort and time that i spent doing this review and not to give an automatically positive review.

If don’t like something thing I’ll tell you about it. Simple as that.

OK - On with the review!

Heres what the Halifax say about it;


  • The Holiday Match Maker from Halifax. It’s one of those rare things, a Facebook application that is genuinely useful and entertaining at the same time. It’s also pretty clever. By analysing the content of your profile, it will ’calculate’ what your ideal holiday destination is, where you should stay, what you should do, what the weather’s like at the moment and how many plastic Eiffel Towers you can buy for a fiver. Now it doesn’t get much more useful than that. Oh, and it will also point you in the direction of Halifax Travel Money, something you might find handy when going on holiday.



This facebook app is actually pretty unique and works in quite a clever way. By installing it and allowing to access your details it will match you up with a holiday destination. It even takes a look at your photos and can see when you’ve posted holiday pics from previous holidays. 


After taking a look at this, it matches you with a percentage level of how much you’d be likely to enjoy anothetr destination.

It doesn’t just stop at suggesting your holiday destination. It takes everything one step further than that and even recommends places to visit, eat, drink, dance! All seems pretty useful stuff.


Having installed the app, it quickly came back with a match based on my pics, what’s written on my wall etc.  So lets see how it did:



Ibiza huh. Right. Personally, Its not on my list of visits. However it scored me pretty high (90%!) that I should visit there. I do wonder what scored me so high, perhaps my holiday snaps from Thailand last year that made the algo return Ibiza.

It then went onto recommend places to visit. Tell me what you can get for a tenner etc. I really liked that feature, and it can be really useful if your matched to a decent place. It would be great if there was a way to let me choose another destination, and do things for yourself post match. Its definitely a feature that the developers should consider for the future.


Overall I like this app. Its fun, and has some interesting info on the destinations. Its good to see a facebook app that isn’t about farming, killing rival mob members or identifying your celebrity doppelgänger. 

Give it a go, you’ll like it. And if you don’t you can always easily uninstal it!




I call this blog The Lazarus Files because it dies and is resurrected on afrequent basis. Here comes another one!

Recently I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Unruly Media to share some recent viral videos. Yes, Unrluy give me a couple of cents every time you watch a video, if you have a blog, then I’m sure they’d love for you to join up too!

I’m going to move this blog to be a tad more editorial - I’ll keep blogging about “Interesting Things”. if you have anything you want to share, feel free to contact me through my comments etc. I’ll happily give you and any of your news some exposure.

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Jacques D’Azur’s heir found!


I’ve been away from The lazarus Files for a while - I’ve been a part of the elite group that Stella Artois put together to find Jacques D’Azur’s heir.

The great news is this! Stella Artois 4% discovered the true heir to legendary film producer Jacques d’Azur, and whisked him away to take Jacques’ place at the Cannes Film festival, in the luxurious style that Jacques is accustomed to.

Check out the Vid below for more!


Jacques D’Azur is missing!

Jacques D’Azur is missing! Competition begins to find an heir!

Okay… I’ve found out that Jacques D’Azur may be an urban legend. Seriously. Not real. Not missing. Not amazingly charming and suave. Not 100% sure yet though because I found this really interesting competition.

A very exclusive hotel suite was reserved in his name, and now Stella Artois 4% (one of the sponsors of Cannes), is kindly offering to help find ‘an heir’, so they can attend The Cannes Film Festival 2010 in Jacques’ place!

News that doesn’t confirm or deny the Frenchman’s existence is Stella Artois 4% saying that because even they’re unsure if an heir actually exists, the competition is open to everyone over the age of 18!

One winner (the heir) and one guest will win round-trip business-class flights, accommodation/meals/beverages for two nights at a hotel in Cannes, two tickets to exclusive VIP film festival screenings, and invites to an exclusive party!

The competition is open until 9pm 25 April 2010, and more competition details can be found on the Stella Artois website:

Good luck!


Who is Jaques d’Azur?

People keep talking to me about this guy, Jacques d’Azur. Have you heard of him?

As you know, i consider myself as a bit of a e-detective. After a night of sleuthing I tracked him down.

This is what he looks like;

And he’re is facebook page.

Seems he’s almost as accomplished I am. Although he’s a far better backgammon player!

Still, he’s a bit of an enigma that’s for sure!


Ladies and Gents I give you The Paper Towel Gang!!


How does it feel to wear an England Football shirt?

Let the legends tell you!


Rolo – Guys do you love anyone enough…?

Since the iconic brand and pioneers of loving gestures asked ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?’ it has remained a symbol of love and romance. Winners will also receive Rolo chocolates so you can indulge the one you love this Valentine’s with Rolo, the perfect combination of smooth chocolate & chewy caramel in individual bite size cups.


Keeping Keeley Hazell

Girls get bored easily so it’s a must to keep them interested which is why Lynx has developed the innovative new fragrance Twist - the fragrance that changes

To celebrate the launch of new Lynx Twist, the fragrance that changes, Lynx has taken its first foray into film production with the sexy comedy ‘Keeping Keeley’. This interactive film differs from other online offerings by allowing viewers to control the fate of the protagonist.

Insight from Lynx HQ has shown that girls are increasingly looking for guys who keep them interested. This interactive film is designed to test guys’ skills at keeping potential girls interested during crucial mating game moments - made all the easier by the fact the potential girl in question here happens to be the lovely Keeley Hazell! As seen in the TV advert where the Lynx guy ‘Twists’ himself with an array of looks to keep the girl interested, viewers of ‘Keeping Keeley’ are presented with a series of options on Lynx’s Facebook page to ‘Twist’ the guy, revealing new skills, hidden talents and fresh looks.

The film features a stellar cast of up and coming UK talent including: the eponymous Keeley Hazell, Blake Harrison (Neil from The Inbetweeners), Mike Fielding (Naboo from The Mighty Boosh) and the Scarlet Harlots (T4’s Orange Unsigned Act). Scripted by the BAFTA award winning team behind Channel 4 comedy Green Wing, ‘Keeping Keeley’ is shot entirely from multiple POV.

The film launches on Facebook on the 18th January. Guys can watch the film at or on X-Box Live, to see if they have what it takes to keep Keeley interested.


Not just another car Advert….

Not when its got some awesome skatin’ and Japanese girls in it its not!


The 12 Lays of Christmas!

The French Letter gospel singers preach free love, Fair Trade, and safe sex.


Fun! Fun! Fun!

To Tumblr, Love Metalab